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Ajax Finechem uses a colour-coded labelling system for all of its scientific product range as a guide to quality and purity. Label colours are shown for each Ajax grade group below:


 Extra pure analytical Reagents

Ultra pure reagents that exceed ACS specifications are used in highly sensitive analysis. There reagents are ideal for trace metal analysis and as reference standards.

Analytical Reagents

UNIVAR® products have long been recognised as the standard for analytical reagents in Australia and in overseas markets. In many cases, the purity conforms to and exceeds ACS.

Laboratory Reagents

UNILAB® products are reagent quality chemicals suitable for general laboratory work, and in most cases, meet BP and/or USP standards.

Analytical Volumetric Solutions

UNIVOL® ready to use analytical volumetric solutions are standardised to specific concentrations normally used in laboratory analysis.

HPLC Reagents

UNICHROM® product range is specially made for high performance liquid chromatography. The range includes high purity solvents, tested to meet strict UV absorbance specifications as well as ion pairing reagents.

General Purposes Reagants

The LABCHM® range of chemicals are in many cases quality reagants for a particular analysis where no set standard is applicable.

Spectroscopy Materials

SPECTROSOL® reagents are specificallly made to conform to strict quality specifications for UV, Visible and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) techniques.

Technical Grade

General purpose reagents for qualitative work.


Burdick & Jackson (B&J)
Burdick & Jackson is a leading manufacturer of solvents for GC, pesticida residue analysis, HPLC and DNA reagents. Ajax Finechem is exclusive ditributor of B&J solvents in Australia and New Zealand. For more information visit

Range of research chmicals exceeds 20,000 products. Ajax Finechem is exlusisve distributor of Acros Organics in Australia. Ajax can also offer the Maybridge and Fischer products forun on the Acros Website.
For more information visit



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